Hanging Towels and Basket Liner

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Hanging Towels and Basket Liner


Hi, Connie again.  I want to share some of my current projects. Hot Flash’n Craft’n is the name of my blog.  One of my post attracted many viewers, 298,217, to be exact.  Easy Hanging Towel Tutorial.  The design is awesome, especially for people  with small children that are always pulling the towels down to the floor in the kitchen. My children,  my nieces and my Sisters, all love the towel design, so for every holiday……. guess what they get from me….. you guessed it, a new towel.  Here’s some of the Easter towels I just made.

I have a few more to make, there are never enough to go around.  For the Free Pattern: Hanging-Towel-Pattern Click here.

I’ve been wanting to make this Basket Liner. I had one for years, every time I visit my daughter in CO, oh look, there it is….. anyways, I wanted one for myself. I found this pattern on Vintage Pattern Market Place

It was really easy to make and I love it! I used an oil clothe fabric.



Harmony in Paris

“State-Line Crafter’s”

Harmony in Paris

10553491_10204035864970031_5661830124427492192_n Hello everyone it’s Connie the baby of the family and still the cutest, ha,ha. It’s a joke I always say when all us girls get together!

My Granddaughter and all her little friends are totally into PARIS, PARIS, PARIS. So, with that theme in mind, this is what I made this for her birthday.

Things you need for this project:


Steps :

  1. Iron tissue paper
  2. Measure and cut tissue paper
  3. Run double sided adhesive along edge of 8 1/2 X 11 inch sheet of White printer paper
  4. Be sure to put the rough side of the tissue paper up. It’s more pores then the smooth set.1
  1. Flip the photo to be printed, if you use PSE (Photo Shop Element), when you go to print it gives you an option to flip the picture.
  2. Trim the picture (I’ve used exacto knife and it tends to tear the tissue paper)
  3. Place your photo paper on the canvas, and hold it in place with a ruler.5
    1. Lightly apply a layer of mod podge to upper canvas (I don’t like to split a face, you don’t want too many wrinkles on that part of the picture).
    2. Gently lay the picture on the mod podge and quickly move on  to the bottom half, and repeat.
    3. Gently DAB mod podge to photo.  NOTE:  Be very careful, the colors start to bleed through the tissue paper, regularly check your sponge, once you have color in the mod podge, switch to a new sponge and avoid areas already saturated.  Set to dry for at least 2 hours (to be sure).812
      1. Second coat, again watch for the color to bleed,  after this coat dries, you are relatively safe from the bleeding.
      1. Now, my picture basically only covers the top of the canvas, around the edge I printed and mod podge this:
      1. Let it dry again for 2 hours, and add your final coat of mod podge. After that’s completely dry I spray the entire canvas with a clear coat enamel spray, if you don’t do this, here’s what could happen, if the picture ever gets wet, it will leave water spots on your photo. FYI:  It’s easy, but there have been times when I mess up and I have to paint over a picture to start over;  if this happens to you, paint over with white acrylic paint.Directions to Harmony in ParisSo, with that theme in mind, this is what I made this for her birthday.for-blog2

        Thanks for stopping by!

        Here’s some more mod podged art I done.

        I’ve been doing the PSE mod podge for years now.  I love homemade personal gifts.  It’s seems that every Christmas the funds are tight.  Here’s one gift I made and gave my daughter Deby with pictures of her and her best friend taken on a trip they did together.samples
        I bought the canvas at the dollar store, there was a picture of a bird on them, I painted them white, then mod podged.
        Here’s the , I love this one.
        “MONA DEBY”

Wrapping paper

image.jpegLeslie here, I have two birthday parties this weekend so that means gifts. That you have to find something to put it in or wrap it with, at which point your gift just cost another ten dollars. So I decided to put one of my hobbies to good use. I am a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up , which means I have a lot of products. So let’s get started. imageI love to get my roll of paper from Ikea, the cost is only $ 5.00 .  I measure out the size piece I need , and I lay it out on the table. I the pick out a stamp set for the person I got the gift for in this case it was for my Grandson Casen for his first birthday. I picked out colors of ink and with no rym or reason I just stamped all over. Then I went back a stamped his name in the print. People love to see that you take the time to make the gift personal. I also did one for my Daughter Janelle, hope she likes it, and her gift.



State-Line Crafter’s

“LIFE is the ART of DRAWING without an ERASER”

10568800_10204600992171937_4542729694324197029_nHello everyone it’s Cheryl. Today I am sharing with you 2 nightstands that I got free at a yard sale. Helps to goes when they are closing. I liked them because at the time it fit everything in my bedroom. But now that I have changed my bedroom into a Beach Bedroom, these nightstands were not fitting in. sea-shell-300x200

So I added gray paint to them and I guess they look okay, but I came up with an idea to take one of my sea shells  and mix the gray paint with a little black paint and roll the sea shell in areas. Then when that drys I will mix the gray and white paint together and go some what over the top of the print. Now it will fit into the other colors in my room.

So step one is to paint the nightstand 2 times with gray paint.12746053_1282873398395960_374714940_n

Next is to wait for the paint to dry and then start rolling the sea shell print on. I didn’t do this yet but when I do I will post the pictures.


For the handle I went to Hobby Lobby and pick these sea horse handles up. Oh, and a net! For a cover on top, then I put them in my Bedroom, put the lamp on with sea shells all over the tables. LOVE IT! Now these 2 night stands fit!

Easy as 123

Fairy Doors

State-Line Crafter’s

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,

it’s about learning to Dance in the Rain”

10568800_10204600992171937_4542729694324197029_n     Hello everyone it’s Cheryl. I have been selling Fairy Doors on Etsy for about 3 years now. You know spring is coming when Crafter’s ask you to be in there shows.

So I was asked to be in a up coming show at the Artisan Marketplace in West Dundee, IL. (Sleepy Hollow). I told her yes.

So it’s time to get all my things together. Meaning I have to make sure my table is shocked. Fairy door, I have four different kinds and different prices. Fairy Houses, I really don’t sell them at the shows, just for looks and something to talk about. Maybe because I charge $175.00 to $200.00 per house. But you never know I just sold a Fair house to a lady in Oregon.

Fairy Doors

The “Fairy Door” $ 15.oo

This second one is my New one, “STAR”!

star fairy door 2

The “Star” $25.00

These Fairy Doors are for Outdoor or Indoors! Each Fairy Doors is hand made from  a horseshoe then painted black and the barn wood is over 100 years old with wire hinges, door knob is made of wood and painted black.
I love creating new Fairy Doors! This door is for a girl at the horse barn with her horses name on the sign. “Tandy”. I can put any name or number you ask on the sign!

Note: All signs are Free, something I like to do.

You can also check out my site on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWoodlandFairies?






State-Line Crafter’s

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Edga Degas

28302_1390389532871_6170126_n        Hello everyone it’s Leslie, its so great to be able to share with you some of my many projects. I love taking on many things, as long as its a challenge, the bigger the better, I always say!

This project I am going to share with you  is Reupholstering a toddlers chair. My niece Cindy is going to help me take this chair apart. In order to take this chair apart I have to take many pictures just in case I have to walk away.


Cindy chari.png

Take a lot of pictures!

People love to stapling things, so it took sometime to get all of them out. We will be putting it back together with an  air stapler.  Make sure you have all the right tools. Cindy and I took the chair apart one piece at a time, taking pictures and marking as we went. When that was all done, the next step is to use each piece as a pattern.

This chair is a toddlers chair and leather, in order to match her son Gram’s room she went to JoAnn Fabric’s and bought 5 yards of Plaid. We did are best to match the plaid lines up , then we put it back together. Plus we added a black cord to help pull the colors out.




See by adding the black cord it pulled out the colors to match his bedroom. I am happy to say this chair turned out Great and Cindy was very happy too!

If you have any questions let me know and I would be happy to help you out. Thanks!

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Fake Fireplace


Happiness is creating what ever you want…


10568800_10204600992171937_4542729694324197029_nHello everyone it’s Cheryl sharing with you a project I did not to long ago.

I have to say this is one of the easiest projects I have ever done. I have always wanted a fireplace. Where I live I don’t have one. So I LOVE playing on Pinterest, so I looked up

                                              “Fake Fireplaces”

fake fireplace

and there it was. I found the pattern and went to the barn. My boss had a lot of barn wood one the side of his workshop. Measured all the pieces out and cut. Now its winter so some of the boards had snow on them. I bought the cut out boards home and put them in the tub. Wash each board to get the snow off and waited for them to dry.
Then I begin putting it together. In no time at all it was together and I felt good it work out well.

This is how it turned out, if you want to know any more info. On this Fake Fireplace, let me know! Until next time!

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State-Line Crafter’s

Welcome everyone to the

“State-Line Crafter’s”

“What you CREATE doesn’t have to be PERFECT”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

       For many year these sister’s have followed the same steps as their mother in becoming great crafter just like her. Nothing holds anyone of them back from taking on any challenge that comes their way. At times they are all pulled together to do the project together. When that happens the four girls always give 100% to the challenge, to make sure the job gets done. On this site you will see each one of us show you the projects that what we are currently working on for other people.

Sisters photo2016

“Sister’s” (Connie, Leslie, Cheryl and Pamela)

We grew up watching our mother become one of the Best crafter’s of all time. She showed us how anything was possible. From planting a garden, to pulling weeds, and even caring for the farm animals. But I believe her passion was sewing, and what could she create next. When you walked into her sewing room you could always tell she was working on some kind of project.

     One of her big projects was stuffed animals, the lady couldn’t stop,  their was fur all over the place. Today she opened her basement up to the world’s biggest sewing room, plus added a quitting machine, and a stamp up room, WOW! Her and my Aunt June goes nuts over making cards.
      I forgot to introduce myself I am the second child in the Moore Family! My name is Cheryl. So you get an idea on where all four of us girls became crafters. From Sewing, card making (Stamp Up), to wood making to refinishing old antique furniture. There is always some kind of project that we are all working on. On this page you will be hearing from easy one of us. If it’s not a picture it will be a video, showing you step by step from each project we post. Some of the projects we post will be for sale or we would be happy to tell you where to get it. You may here from all of us at once or a couple, but most of the time you will see a post from each of my sister’s on what they are up too! Oh and Please leave commits in the box. We would love to hear your ideas too!

wood photo sis-2015

Connie, Leslie, Cheryl and Pamela

     I didn’t introduce you to my sister’s yet. The picture at the top of the page is all four of us sister’s, starting from the right to left. Pam is the oldest sister, Cheryl is next, that’s me, Leslie and Connie, the baby. We all don’t live next to each other but we still get together once in a while.

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