Fake Fireplace


Happiness is creating what ever you want…


10568800_10204600992171937_4542729694324197029_nHello everyone it’s Cheryl sharing with you a project I did not to long ago.

I have to say this is one of the easiest projects I have ever done. I have always wanted a fireplace. Where I live I don’t have one. So I LOVE playing on Pinterest, so I looked up

                                              “Fake Fireplaces”

fake fireplace

and there it was. I found the pattern and went to the barn. My boss had a lot of barn wood one the side of his workshop. Measured all the pieces out and cut. Now its winter so some of the boards had snow on them. I bought the cut out boards home and put them in the tub. Wash each board to get the snow off and waited for them to dry.
Then I begin putting it together. In no time at all it was together and I felt good it work out well.

This is how it turned out, if you want to know any more info. On this Fake Fireplace, let me know! Until next time!

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