State-Line Crafter’s

Welcome everyone to the

“State-Line Crafter’s”

“What you CREATE doesn’t have to be PERFECT”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

       For many year these sister’s have followed the same steps as their mother in becoming great crafter just like her. Nothing holds anyone of them back from taking on any challenge that comes their way. At times they are all pulled together to do the project together. When that happens the four girls always give 100% to the challenge, to make sure the job gets done. On this site you will see each one of us show you the projects that what we are currently working on for other people.

Sisters photo2016

“Sister’s” (Connie, Leslie, Cheryl and Pamela)

We grew up watching our mother become one of the Best crafter’s of all time. She showed us how anything was possible. From planting a garden, to pulling weeds, and even caring for the farm animals. But I believe her passion was sewing, and what could she create next. When you walked into her sewing room you could always tell she was working on some kind of project.

     One of her big projects was stuffed animals, the lady couldn’t stop,  their was fur all over the place. Today she opened her basement up to the world’s biggest sewing room, plus added a quitting machine, and a stamp up room, WOW! Her and my Aunt June goes nuts over making cards.
      I forgot to introduce myself I am the second child in the Moore Family! My name is Cheryl. So you get an idea on where all four of us girls became crafters. From Sewing, card making (Stamp Up), to wood making to refinishing old antique furniture. There is always some kind of project that we are all working on. On this page you will be hearing from easy one of us. If it’s not a picture it will be a video, showing you step by step from each project we post. Some of the projects we post will be for sale or we would be happy to tell you where to get it. You may here from all of us at once or a couple, but most of the time you will see a post from each of my sister’s on what they are up too! Oh and Please leave commits in the box. We would love to hear your ideas too!

wood photo sis-2015

Connie, Leslie, Cheryl and Pamela

     I didn’t introduce you to my sister’s yet. The picture at the top of the page is all four of us sister’s, starting from the right to left. Pam is the oldest sister, Cheryl is next, that’s me, Leslie and Connie, the baby. We all don’t live next to each other but we still get together once in a while.

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