State-Line Crafter’s

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Edga Degas

28302_1390389532871_6170126_n        Hello everyone it’s Leslie, its so great to be able to share with you some of my many projects. I love taking on many things, as long as its a challenge, the bigger the better, I always say!

This project I am going to share with you  is Reupholstering a toddlers chair. My niece Cindy is going to help me take this chair apart. In order to take this chair apart I have to take many pictures just in case I have to walk away.


Cindy chari.png

Take a lot of pictures!

People love to stapling things, so it took sometime to get all of them out. We will be putting it back together with an  air stapler.  Make sure you have all the right tools. Cindy and I took the chair apart one piece at a time, taking pictures and marking as we went. When that was all done, the next step is to use each piece as a pattern.

This chair is a toddlers chair and leather, in order to match her son Gram’s room she went to JoAnn Fabric’s and bought 5 yards of Plaid. We did are best to match the plaid lines up , then we put it back together. Plus we added a black cord to help pull the colors out.




See by adding the black cord it pulled out the colors to match his bedroom. I am happy to say this chair turned out Great and Cindy was very happy too!

If you have any questions let me know and I would be happy to help you out. Thanks!

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