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“LIFE is the ART of DRAWING without an ERASER”

10568800_10204600992171937_4542729694324197029_nHello everyone it’s Cheryl. Today I am sharing with you 2 nightstands that I got free at a yard sale. Helps to goes when they are closing. I liked them because at the time it fit everything in my bedroom. But now that I have changed my bedroom into a Beach Bedroom, these nightstands were not fitting in. sea-shell-300x200

So I added gray paint to them and I guess they look okay, but I came up with an idea to take one of my sea shells  and mix the gray paint with a little black paint and roll the sea shell in areas. Then when that drys I will mix the gray and white paint together and go some what over the top of the print. Now it will fit into the other colors in my room.

So step one is to paint the nightstand 2 times with gray paint.12746053_1282873398395960_374714940_n

Next is to wait for the paint to dry and then start rolling the sea shell print on. I didn’t do this yet but when I do I will post the pictures.


For the handle I went to Hobby Lobby and pick these sea horse handles up. Oh, and a net! For a cover on top, then I put them in my Bedroom, put the lamp on with sea shells all over the tables. LOVE IT! Now these 2 night stands fit!

Easy as 123

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