Wrapping paper

image.jpegLeslie here, I have two birthday parties this weekend so that means gifts. That you have to find something to put it in or wrap it with, at which point your gift just cost another ten dollars. So I decided to put one of my hobbies to good use. I am a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up , which means I have a lot of products. So let’s get started. imageI love to get my roll of paper from Ikea, the cost is only $ 5.00 .  I measure out the size piece I need , and I lay it out on the table. I the pick out a stamp set for the person I got the gift for in this case it was for my Grandson Casen for his first birthday. I picked out colors of ink and with no rym or reason I just stamped all over. Then I went back a stamped his name in the print. People love to see that you take the time to make the gift personal. I also did one for my Daughter Janelle, hope she likes it, and her gift.


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