How to Shorten Curtains


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     28302_1390389532871_6170126_nHello everyone it’s Leslie, today I would like to share with you one of the projects I just got done doing up at the Cabin!

“How to Shorten Curtains”

How to shorten curtains. First , you need to measure the outside of the trim on the window frame. Second , you need to decide how long you would like the curtain to hang under the window. In my case we had a heat duct under both windows so I measured them 10 inches above the heat duct. This made the curtains 70 inches long.

When I bought the curtains I wanted a set that you couldn’t see thru, so I got a set with a lining, sheer. This also means there are two hems. I used the length of the hem that the curtains had for a guide.


Third, ripping out the stitching on both side to be able to separate the pieces juts high enough to shorten them. Cutting off the outside off the curtain, measuring from the top of the curtain down to the bottom, measure 73 1/2 inches. This has the length of the curtain plus a 3 inch hem and a 1/2 inch to turn under for sewing. Ironing and pining is a must. Mark at the 70 inches and make a chalk line for ironing , iron a 1/2 inch at the bottom , then fold up and press up on the 70inch line the pin. Sew 1/8 inch on the 3 inch piece. Fourth, inside piece cut it off 1 1/2 inch from the bottom of the curtains.


When pressing this hem you need to turn over and press at 1 inch , then your going to turn it over again this is to put weight on your hem. Press afterwards. Pin sides back together , sew down the sides , good to go. Hang them back up, and it didn’t cost you anything.

Good job!

I LOVE spending time at the Cabin!



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