Old Printer Box Drawer Chalk Board


“Sometimes the Dream that come true are the

Dreams you never even knew you had”

“Old Printer Box Drawer Chalk Board”


           Hey guys, it’s Cheryl. So HAPPY that spring is here, that means I can do more things outside. Today I am sharing a Old Printer Drawer I bought at a barn sale. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it. Your right make a Chalk Board.


So then I had to make sure I had all the supplies I needed to start this Project.


As you can see all you needed was chalk paint and brush’s. So I started to apply the chalk paint, the wood was dry so I applied 3 coats to the drawer.




Stir Paint Carefully

Chalkboard paint is very susceptible to breaking down if you stir it too hard. Use your paintbrush and gently move the paint around in the can. If you stir it too vigorously it will cause the properties that enable it to be written on to break down.

Apply Paint

Start in the middle of the area that you are going to paint and begin working outward from there. Work in a consistent manner and make sure that you overlap all brush marks. Use a liberal amount of paint on your paint brush, but do not just “slop” it onto the wall. Clean up any drips as they happen to keep the surface consistently smooth. If you are doing a very large surface that will need to be rolled, use a very short nap roller. Do not press too hard to avoid lap lines and roller marks. Roll at different angles to smooth the surface.

Tip: Consider using tinted primer as the base coat. This will help the chalkboard paint cover better and reduce the number of coats. It can take up to three coats of paint to obtain adequate coverage.

Allow to Dry

After the paint has been applied to the wall you need to wait three days before you can do any more work to it. This is important as the agents inside the paint need to harden and cure before you can write on it.

Prepare With Chalk

Once the paint has been given enough time to dry, further prepare it by rubbing chalk over the entire surface. Allow this chalk to stay for a few seconds and then erase it. Once you have finished this process the chalkboard paint is ready to be used. As always, carefully read the paint’s label for any other instructions that come with the product to make clean-up, use, and removal as easy as possible.

This was a very easy project to do!


I am selling them on Etsy:

Old Printer Box Drawer Chalk Board

Height: 27x18x2.5 inches



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