Antique Barn Sale Weekend!

Antique Barn Sale Weekend!

It’s Cheryl,  what a GREAT weekend! My sister Connie, the youngest and cutest, LOL. Came down to Burlington, IL. this weekend and we went to 4 different Antique Barn Sales!
WOW! So much and not sure where to begin!It was like 2 kids in a candy shop, so FUN! The owner was busy getting his truck ready for the Kane County Antique Show.
I found wooden boxes all different sizes, a long sitting chair that goes at the end of your bed, an old school deck and that everything I found has to be refinish. When I start my projects I will share with you step by step on what I am doing. Connie and I would start to put everything in a pile, so when the man came back we would try and get him to lower his prices. Well half the things we picked out were over prices and when right back into the barn and the rest he marked down. I know he was looking to make money but we were looking to walk away with a bargain too!
Last year, one of the shops I shared with Connie today I had got this wooden kitchen table for $5.00 not sure why, but that’s when you don’t ask questions. We traded Connie walked away with the table and I got an exercise machine. She will have to refinishing the table. Can’t wait to see what the real table looks like.
What a Great weekend can’t wait to share the projects when we get started!
Have a Great rest of a weekend!

Scads of Scraps


Scads of Scraps

10553491_10204035864970031_5661830124427492192_n      Hello everyone it’s Connie, the youngest and cutest, lol. Love joking around with my sister’s. I have more to share with you today about what I do with my left over towel pieces. I don’t like to waste material, so I try to use it all as you can can.

What do I do with  scads of scraps from kitchen towels I cut to make my world famous Easy Hanging Towel, well maybe I exaggerate, a little, it’s famous…. in the family.

My Sisters, my Kids, my Nieces all just love it.  I make and give them away for almost every holiday.  For Christmas gifts I sat down and whipped out 13 towels quickly, they had to be wrapped and shipped, cause I was going to spend 2 weeks  in Cabo for Christmas (woot woot) …… anyways, with all of these towels I’d made, I have scads of scrap towels left over.

With the leftovers from these 3 spring towels I just finished, I made 2 hanging dish rags, and 1 potholder


For the hanging dish rag, I took the towel piece 15 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, cut off the top, then folded over and pinned each side, sewed along the edges, adding a  loop in the middle to hang.

For the pot holder I cut the 3 edges, cut it in half, cut a piece, 7 1/2″ x 8″ of  heat resistant fabric to fit, made my own bias tape from the same fabric on the hanging towel.  Pinned it, sewed the 3 pieces corner to corner then pinned the bias tape around and sewed, leaving 3″ at the end to flip under the bias tape for a loop to hang the pot holder.

Wala …….. all 3 match and make a nice gift for someone special.

Thank you for joining me and my
 scads of scraps.

Happy Crafting!