Rags to Riches…




Hello everyone its so GREAT to be back,it’s Cheryl. I have been so busy, no time to stop and take a break.

I stopped for awhile to work day and night at Sonny Acres Pumpkin Farm. I LOVE the fast pace and didn’t want to stop. Painting pumpkins for the boys and girls is a joy for me. And when it stopped, I was beside myself on what to do next.

For some reason I started looking on Craigslist for another camper and the first one came up said $450.00 and sounds like something I would want to do a makeover on. So I called the man and my sister, brother-in-law, granddaughter JOJO and I drove up to this camp grounds and I bought a camper for $240.00. I offered him $100.00, he laughed. So I said 2 and he said 240. and the camper was mine. I felt when walking in the camper I could do a makeover on it, not to hard. So we took all the back roads home, just to be on the safe side.

Well I started working on it the next weekend. I wasn’t sure above the weather, but it ended up being pretty good. I bought a heater just in case I needed it.

Well I walked around the camper and started looking at what I wanted to do, WOW! Did the ideas start popping in my head on what to do….

I went in the camper and started tearing everything out and down. The walls the carpet EVERYTHING I could, because I have this idea and CAMPERS shouldn’t be DARK, they should be BRIGHT! It was so funny because my sisters dog Angus, eats EVERYTHING, so as I was throwing walls, carpet, what ever I could out the door, Angus was tearing it up, what a mess, I had to keep up.


This is Angus and Buck, Angus is as BIG as Buck now.

Well I had some water damage, but not bad. I was able to fix it myself, I didn’t have to ask for help. So the pictures I am going to show you are what I had to fix.

In the corner is where the damage was, not bad at all. And all the wires that when nowhere, so I cut them out. But I set it up like I was going to use them, later. So I took everything off the walls, carpet and the floor, everything had to go.

Because remember I have an idea! I can see what it should and will look like when done!

So I had to come up with a plan on what I was going to do next. I knew the wall had to go back up, so I started building a half wall with a shelf. That’s what I wanted, I put the wires back and started building. I started to get into to it, and liking how things were coming together, like a puzzle! And that’s how I see it now a puzzle!

So I started working on the wall, and this so what it looks like.

I went to MERARDS and started looking at wood, 2 by 4’s, 2 by 2’s, and thin wood sheets to start build a wall. I felt I should put some storage space in this wall, so later I can put basket squares in them. I do have to say this turnned out pretty good for never doing this before. I am thinking I try adding somemore. This is the picture that gave me the ideas on storage and I will be building this to for the Livingroom Couch Day Bed.


For this couch I ordered a French cushion,

                     Rohini Daybed Cushion



Can,t wait to get it.

Now I didn’t want to add framing yet, because I pretty sure the wood I am going to put up should go first.

So that was done for now. So I started on the sealing that I took down and shouldn’t have. I could have put the board over the old wood, but didn’t. So back to MERARDS to see what I could put up there that was light and easy to work with. I tried and tried to get this board up and couldn’t, so I started at the bottom and worked my way up, and it wasn’t so bad, marked wher the wood was and started screwing the screws in. and framed the window into.

One thing cool about this camper is there is 2 doors, LOVE IT! and guess what I found NEW French Doors for only $60.00 with the frame.


Can’t wait to put them in.

Ok so after that I started to build a seat over the wheel well.


Then I walked away and looked at the bathroom and touched the toilet and it wasn’t hook to the floor and started tearing everything in the bathroom out the door.




I will not miss that bathroom at ALL! BYE-BYE!

NOW in working!


I started the wall, I got all the wood from Tower Hill burn pile. and cut all pipes out and the tub. This camper will have NO tub. Remember I have and IDEA and I can’t stop. The walls and wood will be painted WHITE!

The bathroom will look like a outdoor shower look.


You got it

My Coastal look Cottage.

So I looked at some pictures on Pintest and came up with another idea. The kithen is moving to where I started building a seat with a window, which I am going to build myself.

I just don’t like what I see so I am changing everything. The kitchen will be going where I started building the seat.


That’s what I have so far, so happy how it is turnning out. Can’t wait until SPRING and start again.

Floor Plans


This is the picture that gave me the idea on putting the kitchen on this wall.



This is the main FLOOR PLAN. I am VERY happy with it.


 French Doors added kitchen! The walls will be WHITE!


Bedroom, bathroom and front room.


Living room with fake fireplace, I did buy a wood burning stone too!

Until next time!

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