John Deere


John Deere


Hello everyone it’s Leslie!

I would like to share with you a gift I made my husband Chris. He always said he wanted something to cover up his John Deere Tractor, so I designed, and created a one of a kind John Deere Tractor Cover, just for him.


My son in-law Brandon and I set out at Christmas looking for a cover for my husband Chris’s 1952 John Deere B Tractor.

Well if you know anything about tractors they don’t make them for sell.

So I decided to make one for him instead.


I got out my measuring tape, paper and pencil and went out and measured the tractor , then came In and drew out the pattern.

Have to say it’s the first time I worked with such a large pattern. The biggest thing to do with this whole project was keeping it away from my husband, Chris.


He kept trying to see what it look like.


I put it together so there are no seams, they would just catch and over time ware and tear.

I decided to use a lite weight material and when I was all done I was able to put it in a bag 11×13 inch bag.


My next project is to do one for my son in-law Brandon, he has a farm all H .


Thanks for catching up. Leslie

Happy Birthday Chris!


The Abandoned Doll House


“The Abandoned Doll House”


Hello everyone its Cheryl!

Today I would like to share how I found in the burn pile at Tower Hill Stables an abandoned doll house that someone at the farm threw away, unfinished. I wasn’t sure if I could do anything with it, but I took it home and said that I will try. The more I looked at it; I decided to make a Beach house for my granddaughter.

This is what it looked like when I brought it home and clearing it up I started to picture if I lived there what would I want to see.  I jumped in and started this FUN,FUN, project.

Taking one room at a time. I started in the living room, I started making the chairs and table and then I build to fireplace. I was really getting into this project. I even made a small sail boat to put on the mantel.

Then I painted the house tan and builded stone wall for the front of the house. I decided to make the front room into a Bait Shop for JOJO, so I named it Jojo’s Bait Shop.

I had so much fun looking on line for pictures and signs to put on the wall, in to bait shop. I LOVED that I found old signs of “Lake Geneva” since I grew up around they, and added them to the walls.

Then I started in the bedroom, I was able to pick up some fabric from Wal-mart for .98 and some paint Acapulco, so this whole project only cost me $5.00 to transform into this Beautiful Bait Shop, Beach home for my granddaughter.

This is the finish project of the

“The Abandoned Doll House”

I hope that she likes it, I know I have had so much fun putting it together for her.


I added the roof- still dying!





Love you, JOJO!


Durand, IL Garage Sales


“Durand Garage Sales”


Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!

My project this weekend was to help my mom and sister’s at the town of Durand ,Il. Garage Sale. I believe there were 17 homes in and around town that opened there garages up to the public. Many of the people that stop knew my mom and stop for coffee.

Where is Durand, Il. and why would anyone want to go to this small town in the middle of no where.

Durand, Il City wide Garage Sales 2016

A little History on Durand, IL.

Its township’s beginnings initiated originally in a no longer existing settlement called Elton, an area South of Durand and including parts of the Pecatonica and Rock Run townships and settled in 1835 by Nelson Salisbury, Harvey Lower, and Scott Robb. They and nine other families settled the Southwest portion of modern Durand, Pecatonica, and Rock Run area. Durand gave birth to Illinois’ first tax-supported volunteer fire department. Since its settlement, Durand has been prone to devastating fires. Durand’s early flourishings were closely linked to the development of the Racine-Mississippi Railroad later absorbed into Western Union. The line reached Durand in 1857, en route to Freeport, paving the shift from the Elton community into modern Durand and deriving its name from the railroad’s first president, H.S. Durand. At this time, Durand saw the beginning of its prosperity which entailed the demise of the Elton settlement.


A little history on the town of Durand and why people settled in this small town.

My grandpa had a milk farm right out of town and my mother, her sisters and brothers went to school here. Many of the kids that grew up in this small town didn’t move far.



After John died she moved back to this small town where she grew up and knowing much of the people in town.



But this weekend  everyone got together, Connie, Leslie, Mom. Aunt June and ME! My sister Connie set up everything for this great weekend, prices everything friends and family drop off for only $.25. Everything at the garage sale was $.25.

What a DEAL!


Connie and Leslie

Connie had fun talking and meeting all the people that showed up, some would ask for mom and she would invite them in for coffee. So from my point of view sitting back and watching everyone was having a good time. I was surprised on how many men showed up, and not asking for tools. But buying things women would buy. Plus the husbands that came with they wifes would just stand there and watch the women shop.


Most of the things given from friends and family

This was suppose to be a sister’s weekend selling, my  one sister Connie had everything under control, Leslie showed up for MOORE support.

Now when we saw the weather report for Saturday it didn’t look like the weather was going to let this work out for us! And it didn’t are doors were open by 8 a.m. and closed by 10 a.m. This rains took over.


This man was telling me about those were the days…

I have to say a lot of people did show up on Friday and we did pretty good.

Thank you Durand, IL.

See you next year!

Easy As 1 2 3


“Always show kindness and love to others. Your words might be filling the empty places in someones heart…”

Easy as 123




Hello everyone it’s Janelle, I am Leslie’s daughter and guess what I LOVE doing craft project too, I guess it runs in the family. I would like to share with you today a project I did in 10 minutes. I have a wedding to attend and this is what I made them for their gift.


First I got all the supplies I needed for this project. Twine, glue sticks and barn wood.


I took a piece of barn wood and cut it 3.5 ft. long.

Then I layed out the words LOVE with a heart and began to glue.


Then played with the lay out of the words so it was just right and began to glue.


This is my finished project, my friends will LOVE it!

It’s not about the gift, its the love you put in it.

There are many things you can do with twine, glue and a piece of barn wood, create and see…

See you soon!




“Any day spent sewing is a good day”


Good day everyone, it’s Pamela!

So many of you that know me, know that I sew a lot. I have two sewing machines and a table I cut all my patterns out on. So I need to have  many pincushions when doing projects. I  am sharing with you a couple of pincushions that I have made and show you they’re pretty easy to make.

How many pincushions do you have? If you are like me, you have several sewing projects in the works that most likely involve fabrics of varying types and weights. Oftentimes, each requires a different type of pin to do the job right.

I know when I am sewing with knits, I prefer to use ballpoint pins. For sewing bulky fabrics, like fleece or thick woolens, I pull my long quilting pins. And for lightweight sheers or delicate silks, I know I can rely on my best ultra-fine glass headed pins. Of course, my favorite general purpose pins are my glass headed, extra fine ones — not too long, not too fine and super duper sharp! They tend to glide through most fabrics with ease and can stand the heat of an iron.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of pins. It’s easy to see why just one pincushion is not nearly enough. Having several filled with each variety of pins at the ready makes shifting from one project to another a breeze. I even keep a wrist pincushion on hand for when I’m fitting myself or a client. I keep all of my pincushions stored in a rolling supplies cart that sits right next to my sewing table.

I just love pincushions. They say so much about who we are. Not only are they a great way to express our creativity and individuality, they are fun and easy to make. And they can be fashioned into just about anything!

There are so many fun pincushion patterns available. Here are just a few of our favorites:


This pincushion bends and lays over the couch, when sewing I love watching old movies.


This one is a simple one but does the treat. Does matter what pins you use, I am a grandma and yes that is a diaper pin, from my grand sons diaper. But all in all I use them for sewing pins.

How To Make A Pin Cushion


Mason Jar Sewing Kit

DIY: Mason Jar Sewing Kit:

Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial: Little Paper Dog

Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial: Little Paper Dog:

Sewn Pumpkin Pincushion

*Sew a Pumkin Pincushion:

So this give you an ideal on what you could make, its fun and easy! Any questions let me know!

Thanks Pamela

cute pin cushion. The blog has so many cute ideas, but it's in Chinese so I can't read it. I finally found this tutorial on page 19:

Special Events


“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first!”



Special Events

Hello everyone it’s Connie!

I have a couple of things I would LOVE to share with you today!


I attended two very special events this weekend.  First the event, the Annual Girl Talk, God Talk TEA PARTY, at the Methodist Church, here in Durand, IL.

It was so much fun.  Of course I dressed up in a tea party ensemble I throw together complete with vintage hat, vintage sweater, vintage gloves, with vintage necklace I restrung with the same beads I added buttons, and a tea pot charm.

About 100 ladies gathered, 10 women at each table, each table has 1 hostess, the hostess brings in their own tea ware and decorate their tables in a unique style.

 This year, like last, the tables were done up in style.  Our hostess decorated with blues and aqua’s, and sea shells with coral.  She gave each guest at her table this beautiful picture holder made with coral and added chocolates.

The TEA PARTY begins, of course with a prayer, and right away the finger sandwiches are past around each table.  Some of the ladies bring in their husbands who volunteer to serve the ladies tea and to keep the sandwich trays full.  They served Raspberry black tea, and Peach black tea, both excellent blends.

The finger sandwiches were puff pastry’s with tuna, egg salad on white, ham spread on wheat, cucumber with cream cheese, pinwheels with ham, and veggie pizza.  There was a cheese and cracker plate.  Also on the table were nuts and homemade candies.

I know….. a lot, I was pretty full just from the sandwiches.  Then they bring out the trays of sweeties and cookies, so many different kinds.  Very nice selection.  With treats abound and the tea still flowing, an hour into it, they have a guest speaker come out with a presentation, this year the subject was “TEA’S” the beginning, to now with TEA PARTY EDICATE from the beginning, to now. The info was  detailed and interesting; at the end of her speech, she pulled out a tea party book from 1905 that had games people would play back in the Victorian days when garden tea parties were very, very fashionable.

We played 3 of the games, they were fun, each table competed against the others, our table did not win any of the games, but we had a ball.

After that… the party broke up.

Me and (my girls) that’s My Mother, and My Aunt Junie (with my My Sister meeting us there with her granddaughter), head north to my youngest granddaughter Eden’s 2nd birthday party.

We ate first, needless to say, Me Mother and Aunt Junie, were not very hungry, actually all three of us wanted coffee.

Eden is 2 so of course, she had no interest in opening her gifts, though she got plenty.

After that more sweets, they had the birthday cake and gluten free brownies.

Happy Birthday, Princess Eden!

Cheers to a sweet day!


Reupholstering 101


” You create your own opportunities”

Reupholstering 101

youzign-sisters photo

Sister Project!

Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!

About a month ago my sister Connie came down and we hit all the barn sales around the Kane County Area. In one of the barn sales I found this bench and I knew it would look great at the foot of my bed. The price said $15.00, but when I asked the man he said $10.00. What a deal that was. Thanks Connie I enjoyed running around shop to shop looking for deals. Anytime!

So last weekend I went up to my sister Pamela’s farm, she said she just came from an auction and bought a lot of reupholster fabric that I could pick out something I like to cover this bench. WOW! She was right she had a lot to pick from. I pick a light leaf green pattern, and through the week she made a pillow to go with the bench. Thanks Pamela, LOVE it!

So this weekend I went up to my sister Leslie’s home and we started the project right away. I went there because Leslie is really good at Reupholstering and has done it for years. Leslie did not take over and do this project for, she took the time and showed me step-by-step on how to redo this bench. Thanks Leslie you were a Great teacher. Now after learning how to recover I am pretty sure I can recover anything.

Who every recovered this bench before had no idea what they were doing or cared to ask someone how to do it the right way, it was badly done. So the first part was to take out all the staples, the person before put all the staples into the wood, so they damage the wood a little, no problem we could fix it.

After taking everything a part, the pieces we took out, well that was are pattern, it putting it back together again.  I do believe it came out pretty good. I didn’t paint it there I took it home and painted it with chalk paint and then touched in spots with gray paint. Let it dry and screwed the seat back on.

Well see for yourself! I think it turned out pretty good!



LOVE IT! Thanks to All my SISTER”S for helping with this project.

Until next time!

A Country Wedding


“Two Souls but a single thought

Two Hearts that beat as one”

John Keats


Hello everyone it’s Pamela!


Most of you know that my son Bill was married last September to a Beautiful New daughter-in-law,


I LOVE watching the family grow and the grand children that come with it.

So today I would like to share with you some of the decorations I made for this wonderful occasion. I was so happy to be able to help them in making a lot of behind the scenes decorations.

First off I found this old bed and took off some of the springs and made candle holders out of them and add candles later at the wedding. The mason jars I added lace and had Todd cut logs up to set them on. The bucket was made for the flower girl to carry. I also made the guest book for everyone to sign.

These are some of the table clothes I made for the guest table and the cake table. I used burlap fabric, designed them myself.

Here comes the Bride!


The wedding itself was in a corn field at my mother-in-laws, right in the middle.

Joy was such  a Beautiful Bride!


This is a picture of Joy and her Father, what a Great Guy!


This is a picture of the Groom and Best Man!


The Beautiful Wedding Cake that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law made! We were able to eat the butterflies too!


“Joy and Billy”

So Beautiful, just LOVE them so much!

I wish them all the happiness life brings them!



A day in The Country! 

Pattern Tracing


“The Desire to Create is one of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Pattern Tracing”


Hello everyone it’s Connie! I am the youngest of four girls and the CUTEST. I LOVE saying that because I know my sister’s hate hearing that, but it’s true! Well I just had to share with you this GREAT sewing job I did on my grand-daughter’s jammies, I LOVE sewing, I get that from my mom! Today I am sharing with you something I made for one of my grand-daughter’s, her Birthday is right around the corner.


When I buy patterns for the kiddos, they usually come in size 1-4, of 6-12, whatever….


once you cut size 3 out, you can no longer use the pattern for any size larger.  So, I trace my patterns.   Like this adorable pair of summer jammies for Miss Eden whose birthday is coming up….


I cut around the piece I need, iron it smooth….


Then I take white tissue paper, iron that smooth and place it over the pattern, and trace it….


I made sure that the fabric was super light cotton.  The summer in Wisconsin can be unbearably hot.This pair of jammies, reminds me of the clothes I wore in the 60’s, in WI, in the the summer!

I did some detailing, the stamp on back of shorts, the rose on the front, and the back loop.
I’m excited about my youngest grandchild, turning 2 on April 9.
It’s only going to happen once in a life time……



IMG_0158 bigger


Thanks for stopping by,

Happy Sewing!

Memory Bear…



Memory Bear


Hello everyone it’s Cheryl. I am a BIG fan of teddy bears, I have them in different places in my home. One day my sister Pam showed me how she made a teddy bear out of her husbands PJ’s. So cool! So I went home and made one out of a T-shirt and it’s been in my living room now for 3 years. Love my Memory Bear! I wore that T-shirt everywhere, so it had a lot of memories build inside of it…


Well what I am sharing with you today is if you want like your own memory bear, send me a Top or T-shirt or even PJ’s and I will make you your very own MEMORY BEAR!







Email me: for more information on getting your own memory bear sent to you!