Camper Makeover Part 3


Remodeling Camper Part 3

Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!


Most of you know I took on a BIG project this summer, I needed it. I had redone a doll house for my granddaughter and went up to my sister Pam farm up in Wisconsin and saw Regina’s camper just sitting there for 8 years and desided to take on this project of remodeling it.

This is what it looked like before I started. Just a mess….







You can see it needed alot of work. I cleaned with water first, a lot of it and that beach. I wanted the camper to look warm to be in and not something that you wanted to RUN from… I was hopeing that my sister’s would HELP me on this project and they did for one hour, but my sister Pam wanted me to do it on my own. Well I did and it was hard but I wanted to see the finish project when it was done. So I worked on this project all summer, every weekend I could get up there, about 15 days all together.

I went to this party with my sister and all these towns women were in one room and I ask who has PAINT, I need it. This one lady just bought a old school house and had a lot of paint left over. So happy she said YES, I could have some paint, and I began to paint.

It was starting to look like a place you would would to hang out in when camping, not something you would RUN from.



The Bedroom I was able to do in moka and white, a little dark but bright too.



The rest of the camper was satin, the lady said she gave me white but it wasn’t.

So then I bought some indoor outdoor carpet for now, I will change it next year. I didn’t turn out to bad.


My sister gave me this sign that said “TO CHICAGO” so I hung it in the bedroom.



So this weekend I took blankets, and pillows up to see how it would look FINISHED! Well you tell me what YOU thing…

This is what the bedroom turnned out to be, after I added somethings. The windows are not done yet, will save that for next year…


This is the kithen and I just put somethings in here for take the picture. The cushions will be “BLUE” my sister gave me a roll of fabric, that Iwill shoe you in the winter when I start that project.



This is where to oven was. I cut up the bedroom door and put a cover over the hole for now and added a peace of title and keeped up and small hot plate for now.

These are the old bed springs my sister had and her daughter Cynthia came up with this idea. She said try burlap, but I LOVE white so I will change it in the spring…

Thats all for now.

SEE you soon!




Bench to Beauty


‘Bench to Beauty’


Hello everyone it’s Connie!

I was visiting a friend in Golden, CO, when I passed a house in her neighborhood that was seemingly getting rid of the stuff, you know free stuff by the road, well I noticed this bench on the porch.  Knocked on the door and asked if they by chance wanted to get rid of this bench…… $5 later, it was in the back of my truck.

Well, this bench having been outside in CO, for I don’t know how long was so dry rottedthat I can’t believe I saved it, thou plenty of times I was contemplating fire pit..

After months of starting then stopping work on it, I got serious.

I used one whole bottle of Gorilla Glue to fix and fill all the cracks.  Sanded, stained with a gorgeous cherry stain and polyurethane the bench back to beauty.

Thanks for stopping by, happy crafting!

Re-painting and Recovering 101


“Re-painting and Recovering”


Hello everyone it’s Regina,

I would like to share a project that I did on re-painting and recoving. My mother is Cheryl and was happy to share what I am doing to stay busy.

I have to say I am a

“Goodwill Shopper.”

When living in West Chicago, I was always going to Goodwill one of the best places to shop at a low cost. I am now here in Jacksonville, Fl. where they also have many Goodwill stores. But this store that I stopped at I found wicker chairs and a old table. I LOVE finding things I can redo and making them look like new. What a GREAT idea to repaint these wicker chairs and table, then Mikie and I have a place to sit right outside are door. I LOVE bight colors so I desided to paint the chairs,


and the table a little darker and found this material that would make the wicker chairs look bright and new. Can’t wait to get started.

Step 1

Spent the day re-painting and recovering these chairs I found at goodwill. Super happy at how they’re turning out!

Two more cushions to go!


All finished!!!

I found the table, chairs, pillows, and cover at goodwill for $45 and I spent $20 on paint. I’m pretty happy with the results!

I forgot to tell you the material for the cushions was a shower curtain I found at Goodwill too! I sewed the cushions by hand. For my first project I think I did pretty good. Thanks mom for letting me share my project with the world.

Until next time!

Camper Maker Over Part 2!


Camper Make Over “Part 2”


Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!

What a weekend I had!


My sister Pam texted me and said we were going to do a

“Vacation Day!”

Not sure what that meant and how far we were going. But I was game. She has been looking for a puppy for many months, and she found the one she wanted on Craig’s List. Friday morning I got there at Pam’s around 8 in the morning. We packed up her car for the long drive to Readstown, Wis.

My sister said it would only take a couple hours, but before we would pick up the puppy we had to eat lunch a A&W in Lancaster, Wis. first.

Then after eating a great cheesburger and ice cold rootbeer.

Plus we stopped in Fennimore,Wis. at the Cheese store. Pam bought Cheese Curds and baby swiss, nothing better then fresh cheese.

and in Montford we stopped at the Popcorn shop and got free popcorn and caramel corn. Rural Route 1 Popcorn, 101 Hwy 18, Montford, Wis.


We would arrive in Readstown in a couple of hours. I never knew that this part of Wisconsin had so many hills, so beautiful! Well after some wrong turns, we found the lady’s home way off the road and up the hill, where she lived. Beautiful country!

There were so many dogs and puppies. The first puppy that came running was a golden lab, and the rest followed as in the pictures you will see. The lady went to find Pam’s new puppy who was under the chicken coop, trying to stay cool. She gave the puppy to Pam and it was love at first sight. He was so beautiful, and that poor puppy had no cule how far the car ride would be to get home. The lady said, every half hour we should stop and let the puppy do his thing.

We did, it was a long drive back to Pam’s home, we stopped at both of the grandchildrens home so they could meet the new puppy.

Did I forget to tell you his name “Angus”.

What a great puppy Angus would cry when he had to go to the bathroom, how cool is that, made the stops much easier. Well at 9:30 Friday night we made it back to Pam’s farm.

What a day!


Pam has this other dog named Buck, such a great dog I love him so much, he looks just like Cody the dog I had, Buck is Cody’s brother. LOVE HIM! I brush him with one of Campton Horse brushes, he LOVES it. Well the puppy had never been in a cage before, he was not very happy, but we had to unload the car. Pam bought him inside and Angus went to sleep because her home was nice and cold. Thank God for AC, it was hot out there. Well back to Buck, he was not very happy about the puppy. But he has to get to know Angus, Angus liked riding around Buck, not Buck. In time I am sure he will like Angus.

Part 2

 Camper Makeover!

My goal today Saturday was to get started on the painting. I had brushs and rollers and paint.


So I wash everything down again and start taking off and the hardware, then started painting. LOVE it, had to do 2 coats of white paint.

Pam came to help me and said, letting take the mirrors out and put chicken wire. What a great idea, so we painted the cabinets and played with one of the doors with the chicken wire.

I forgot to tell you everytime I walk through the chicken yard, the Rooster runs at me.


Bad Rooster

So this is as far as I got today on the Camper Makeover and I think it looks great so far, but I still have a long ways to go.

Plus I painted the puppy white on one side. Now he is a white lab.

Until next time!


Camper Makeover Part 1!




Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!

About 10 years ago or more, my daughter Regina bought a Camper. It was the party camper for “Country Thunder.”

After years went by she wasn’t using it. So it was brought to my sister’s farm in Wisconsin, where it sat for 8 to 10 years.


Everytime I would go to my sister’s I would see the camper in the farm yard, and felt sorry that it had been sitting all these years. So this year I told Regina it’s time to do something about the camper it has been sitting to long and what do you want to do with it?

She has so many other things on her plate right now, that the camper was not one of them. On the back burnner, or not even in the picture. She said she wasn’t sure what to do with it and didn’t care.

So I started thinking, after doing the doll house for JOJO, I thought I would enjoy doing a makeover on this camper. So I let Regina know that I am taking over the camper and giving it a makeover. I told my sister  and brother-inlaw what I was going to beginning doing with the camper. Regina said, Good Lucky! and Pam and Todd said that they were happy that someone is going to start using it because it really is a nice camper. It just needed some TLC.

So my first weekend I went up to the farm outside of Sharon, Wis. where the camper is sitting in the sheep yard. I opened the door and Regina had the camper packed with all her things from the past, pictures, candles, etc… and being on a farm the mice had gone and went threw everything and made nest where no man should go or would.

Nothing could be saved at this point I just started loading up the truck, ended up having 2 truck loads of Regina’s past, sitting in my truck. Not sure what to do with it all, but later found out my brother-inlaw had a big dumpster at his other farm and was able to throw it all in it. Thank god not sure if I could have follow where to dump this junk.

After cleaning out the camper I took a bucket of water and started cleaning the whole camper. I needed tools so my sister Leslie and Connie came to help me out for awhile. Thank you Leslie for bring me tools. I will give them back when I am done.


Thank you sister’s for coming to help and Leslie thanks for the tools!

This is a pretty big camper, it sleep 6 people. Now this is


The Camper was in to sheep yard!

Day 1,

I worked from 10 to 5 and gave it everything I had. But when 5 o’clock came around, and no one was at the farm I went over to the other farm and had pizza and beer with the family. I needed that beer. Saw the dumpster and dumped the junk. What a day. It was hard work.

What is Great about this farm is that it is way off the road, so you can’t here anything, so peaceful. I LOVE going up to the farm on the weekends.

“I really think they have a little peace of Heaven there.”

So I worked on the camper on a Friday and helped on the farm Saturday. They always need a helping hand.


Day 2

the next Friday I went up and started washing the walls and floors with some more powerful stuff. I want this place in tip top share before I start painting.

But first, I caught up with my Sister Connie and we went Canoeing down

Trutle Creek,

we laught so hard we fell out of the canoe. So much FUN!

Went back to my sister’s Leslie house and cooked steak on the grill, what a great day it was.

Then back to work!

I went back to the camper and started cleaning, got most of it done but not the bathroom, I will, I just have a lot to do. Than again my sister and brother -inlaw needed help on the farm so Saturday we worked and plant pumpkins all over the farm.

Day 3,

Friday, first I caught up with Connie again and went canoeing, we have so much fun on the water, plus it is so Beautiful, unless you try it you would have no clue what it is like, just so Beautiful, the view.

Saturday when helping out at the farm my brother-inlaw pulled the camper to another yard where there is water and electic. This will make my job easyer now, and I will be able to get a lot more done. Thank you Todd!


I forgot Pam and I painted the table a chalk paint something we saw on Pinterest, if we don’t like it I am sure we can take it off.


Well not sure when I go up I will get to work on the camper this weekend, my sister Pam said we are taking a vacation day! She has been looking for a puppy and I think she found one so this weekend we will pick up her new puppy, she needs a dog to watch over the sheep. Well I will let you know if I will have time this week to work on the camper. Until next time.

Part One of The Camper Makeover!


how I'd decorate my old trailer:


vintage trailer:

Great site for vintage trailer lovers...:

Love the interior of this vintage trailer:

 Love it even with the table up.  I want!:

Amazing little vintage trailer redo in shabby chic style, I love it!!:


Creating a Pin Board…


Creating a Pin Board


Hello everyone  it’s Connie, and still I am the cutest MOORE sister. I have been working on many projects, but this one I wanted to get done before I go on my 3 week trip to Mexico. .

The same weekend I got the Pig had to go, my sister Cheryl and I went to an antique barn, we both bought anold map/blueprint or printersdrawer.  She made a printer box chalk board out of hers (see on State-line Crafter’s); and me, I sat on mine for months, contemplating the project.  I finally decided a pin board.

With all my supplies, I first measured, then cut a piece of white board to fit, glued in drawer, measured and cut a piece of cork to fit over that, glued, then set out to make it fun and practical for me.

I salvaged this measuring stick from an old yard ornament that my grandmother made, cut to fit up the side, glued.


On the back,  I measured then glued a piece of wood to even both sides, twisted in hangers, and put wire through each hole to hang on the wall.

Now I’m going to decorate. I made a little box out of a paint stick for pencils and pens, you can never find one when you need one….glued the box on the bottom ledge of the drawer.


I found a cute little bird house with birch roof, glued it onto a stick, and glued to the side of the board.

While looking for baby clothes pins, which I glued three going down the side to hang photos/coupons, I came across this little picket fence, Mother had for some reason.  I added it to the bottom for a quick catch all.


Printed out the month of June’s dates to remember,

pinned a lemonade recipe I’ve been wanting to try,

and… my pin board is finished

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting.

The Pig Had to GO!


The Pig Had to GO!



Hello everyone its Connie!

If anyone knows me I have a 100 projects going on at 1 time. But the project I would like to share with you today was a gift I received from my sister Cheryl. She gave me an antique table that she bought for $5.00 at an antique shop in Huntley, IL. She used it for all her craft projects, but when she moved she left it behind, when she went to pick it up her grand kids had painted all over the table. So when I was visiting her she asked if I would like to take on a project and refinish it.

Well I did, see for you, what came to be of this table.

My sister Cheryl invited me down for a weekend and sent this table home with me hoping I could save it.

Apparently her grandchildren had gotten a hold of her antique farm table, and went crazy with the paint.  Yes, I love piggy’s, but I’ve never heard of “chuby the pig”,


First, I removed the rusty hardware, and soaked it in rust remover.

Then I went to town scraping, then use paint remover, and then scraped some more, finally I sanded the heck out of this table.

Some of the white paint still shows through on the legs and the top,

but I think it give it that vintage look.

 Finally, after months, it’s as Doneas it’s ever going to be. (I need two pieces of hardware to finish the legs.)

What do you think, Miss Cheryl? Do you like the color?

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!


Hello everyone its Cheryl!

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this table. I knew I didn’t want to give it up! I mean I only paid $5.00 for it and it did what I needed it to do. So I stored it until I saw Connie was refinishing antique’s and asked her if there was any hope for this table. As you can see for yourself my sister did a great job!

LOVE IT! Thank you so much for fixing my table sister!


John Deere


John Deere


Hello everyone it’s Leslie!

I would like to share with you a gift I made my husband Chris. He always said he wanted something to cover up his John Deere Tractor, so I designed, and created a one of a kind John Deere Tractor Cover, just for him.


My son in-law Brandon and I set out at Christmas looking for a cover for my husband Chris’s 1952 John Deere B Tractor.

Well if you know anything about tractors they don’t make them for sell.

So I decided to make one for him instead.


I got out my measuring tape, paper and pencil and went out and measured the tractor , then came In and drew out the pattern.

Have to say it’s the first time I worked with such a large pattern. The biggest thing to do with this whole project was keeping it away from my husband, Chris.


He kept trying to see what it look like.


I put it together so there are no seams, they would just catch and over time ware and tear.

I decided to use a lite weight material and when I was all done I was able to put it in a bag 11×13 inch bag.


My next project is to do one for my son in-law Brandon, he has a farm all H .


Thanks for catching up. Leslie

Happy Birthday Chris!

The Abandoned Doll House


“The Abandoned Doll House”


Hello everyone its Cheryl!

Today I would like to share how I found in the burn pile at Tower Hill Stables an abandoned doll house that someone at the farm threw away, unfinished. I wasn’t sure if I could do anything with it, but I took it home and said that I will try. The more I looked at it; I decided to make a Beach house for my granddaughter.

This is what it looked like when I brought it home and clearing it up I started to picture if I lived there what would I want to see.  I jumped in and started this FUN,FUN, project.

Taking one room at a time. I started in the living room, I started making the chairs and table and then I build to fireplace. I was really getting into this project. I even made a small sail boat to put on the mantel.

Then I painted the house tan and builded stone wall for the front of the house. I decided to make the front room into a Bait Shop for JOJO, so I named it Jojo’s Bait Shop.

I had so much fun looking on line for pictures and signs to put on the wall, in to bait shop. I LOVED that I found old signs of “Lake Geneva” since I grew up around they, and added them to the walls.

Then I started in the bedroom, I was able to pick up some fabric from Wal-mart for .98 and some paint Acapulco, so this whole project only cost me $5.00 to transform into this Beautiful Bait Shop, Beach home for my granddaughter.

This is the finish project of the

“The Abandoned Doll House”

I hope that she likes it, I know I have had so much fun putting it together for her.


I added the roof- still dying!





Love you, JOJO!


Durand, IL Garage Sales


“Durand Garage Sales”


Hello everyone it’s Cheryl!

My project this weekend was to help my mom and sister’s at the town of Durand ,Il. Garage Sale. I believe there were 17 homes in and around town that opened there garages up to the public. Many of the people that stop knew my mom and stop for coffee.

Where is Durand, Il. and why would anyone want to go to this small town in the middle of no where.

Durand, Il City wide Garage Sales 2016

A little History on Durand, IL.

Its township’s beginnings initiated originally in a no longer existing settlement called Elton, an area South of Durand and including parts of the Pecatonica and Rock Run townships and settled in 1835 by Nelson Salisbury, Harvey Lower, and Scott Robb. They and nine other families settled the Southwest portion of modern Durand, Pecatonica, and Rock Run area. Durand gave birth to Illinois’ first tax-supported volunteer fire department. Since its settlement, Durand has been prone to devastating fires. Durand’s early flourishings were closely linked to the development of the Racine-Mississippi Railroad later absorbed into Western Union. The line reached Durand in 1857, en route to Freeport, paving the shift from the Elton community into modern Durand and deriving its name from the railroad’s first president, H.S. Durand. At this time, Durand saw the beginning of its prosperity which entailed the demise of the Elton settlement.


A little history on the town of Durand and why people settled in this small town.

My grandpa had a milk farm right out of town and my mother, her sisters and brothers went to school here. Many of the kids that grew up in this small town didn’t move far.



After John died she moved back to this small town where she grew up and knowing much of the people in town.



But this weekend  everyone got together, Connie, Leslie, Mom. Aunt June and ME! My sister Connie set up everything for this great weekend, prices everything friends and family drop off for only $.25. Everything at the garage sale was $.25.

What a DEAL!


Connie and Leslie

Connie had fun talking and meeting all the people that showed up, some would ask for mom and she would invite them in for coffee. So from my point of view sitting back and watching everyone was having a good time. I was surprised on how many men showed up, and not asking for tools. But buying things women would buy. Plus the husbands that came with they wifes would just stand there and watch the women shop.


Most of the things given from friends and family

This was suppose to be a sister’s weekend selling, my  one sister Connie had everything under control, Leslie showed up for MOORE support.

Now when we saw the weather report for Saturday it didn’t look like the weather was going to let this work out for us! And it didn’t are doors were open by 8 a.m. and closed by 10 a.m. This rains took over.


This man was telling me about those were the days…

I have to say a lot of people did show up on Friday and we did pretty good.

Thank you Durand, IL.

See you next year!